Some commonly asked questions...

Question: "If we book a party at Sport Starz is it 100% private?"
Answer: Your Party will not be 100% Private - But Your party will be the ONLY PARTY taking place, we only book one party at a time however it is a possibility that customers will be using the batting cages.

Question: "When our party ends do we have to leave right away?"
Answer: Yes - Your party is booked for a certain amount of time in the facilty and when your time is up your must leave. In order to provide you with the value that you receive for your party, we have to maintain a somewhat rigid schedule. It's unfair to everyone, when a party fails to leave the facility in a timely manner. Please respect the other kids having parties that day.

Question: "I'm not sure if we're going to have enough time with your standard 2 hour party package, can we decide to add time on the day of the party?"
Answer: Because of the increasing popularity of our parties adding extra time is only possible when you first book your party. If you have any doubt about time, please add it when you make your initial booking.

Question: "You don't provide any food, not even hot dogs and chips?"
Answer: You're right, we DON'T provide food with our party packages. That's part of what makes Sport Starz the best value birthday celebrations outside your own home. In fact, you can bring in home-made dishes or you can have pizza delivered or just bring along some pop and chips if you want.

Question: "I notice your parties mostly all say for 20 kids but what if I'm only bringing half that many kids, does that mean I pay less".
Answer: That's the beauty of our parties. Because we don't charge 'by the kid' you don't really need to put pressure on your kids to pick and choose their friends because of cost. However, if your party is less than 20 kids the charges will be the same.

Question: "How soon before our official start time can we come in and set up or decorate?"
Answer: Any Decorations that your would like set up please drop them off the day before and we will take care of the decorating before your party begins. Please DO NOT arrive more then 5 MINUTES before your start time as doing so may affect our ability to clean up and prepare for your party.