Baseball Leagues

TOP 10: Best Baseball leagues in the world (By country)

  1. Major League Baseball (MLB)

Major League Baseball (in English Major League Baseball, or MLB) are the leagues of professional baseball highest level of the United States. The MLB currently has 30 teams in the National League and the American League, founded in 1876 and 1901 respectively. The Champions of the league face in the World Series the best of seven games.

  1. League Japanese Baseball (NPB)

The League of Japanese Professional Baseball (プロ野球), or NPB for the abbreviation of Nippon Professional Baseball is the professional baseball league of higher level in Japan, composed of twelve local teams located in two leagues (Central and Pacific). It formally emerged in 1950 after the reorganization of the units, as in 1936 the Japanese Baseball League had been formed.

  1. League of Professional Baseball from the Dominican Republic (LIDOM)

The Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic (LIDOM) is a winter league of professional baseball in the Dominican Republic. The league consists of six baseball teams representing different cities in the country. Teams include Major League players, Minor Leagues, Japan, Mexico. The league is sometimes called the Dominican Winter Baseball League, the Dominican Professional Baseball League, or merely the Dominican League.

  1. Mexican Pacific League (LMP)

The Mexican Pacific League (LMP) is a professional baseball league. It is the highest level championship during the winter in Mexico, in which players from Mexico, the United States AAA league and a few active Mexican Major League players participate.

  1. League Venezuelan Professional Baseball (LVBP)

The League-Venezuelan Professional Baseball, or LVBP by its acronym, is the professional baseball league of higher level in Venezuela, composed of eight local teams competing from early October to end of January of the following year. At the end of the season, the winning team represents Venezuela in the Caribbean Series, competing alongside the Champions of the winter leagues of Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

  1. League of Professional Baseball Roberto Clemente (LBPRC)

The Professional Baseball League Roberto Clemente (formerly the Professional Baseball League of Puerto Rico) is the highest professional baseball league in Puerto Rico since 1938, composed of six local teams that each year play a knockout championship, a semi-final where the four best teams participate and a final series between the two best teams of the season.

  1. National series of Baseball (Cuba)

National Baseball series. It is the most famous sports event in Cuba. It takes place annually, involving 16 teams representing each province and the special Municipality Isla de la Juventud. The campéon represents Cuba in the Caribbean Series.

  1. League of the Organization of Korean Baseball (KBO)

The League of the Organization Korea Baseball League KBO (Korean, KBO리그, in English, KBO League) is the professional baseball league of higher level in South Korea, composed of eight teams, and organized by the Korean Organisation of Baseball (in English, Korean Baseball Organization, KBO). The tournament was founded in 1982 to professionalize baseball in that country and its first season had six franchises, belonging to the Big South Korean business conglomerates (chaebol).

  1. Italian Baseball League (IBL)

The Italian League Baseball (officially called in English the Italian Baseball League, or IBL) is a professional baseball league that was formed in 2007 as a previous step to the introduction of professionalism in baseball Italian to 2010, achieved thanks to the collaboration of Major League Baseball. The IBL comes to replace the championship previously known as Series A1 and consists of 8 teams; the ending in the first four places at the end of the season entering the playoff stage, the winners of which are classified to a final series to seven games, called the Italian Baseball Series. The IBL champion gets the right to participate in the European Baseball Cup.

  1. Honkbal Hoofdklasse (Major League Baseball – Netherlands)

Honkbal Hoofdklasse is a prestigious level of playing professional baseball in Holland. It is one of eight teams in the league that play a schedule of 42 games and is supervised by the softball and baseball Real Federation Netherlands (KNBSB). Most of the games are being played during the weekends. The season goes for five months, starting in April and ending in September and it comes after the qualifiers among the top four teams, culminating in the Netherlands series. Both of the duplication games are at best five. The league is following ups and downs of the system with the Honkbal Overgangsklasse. Thus the composition of the two levels of varies from year to year. Most of the nicknames of the official teams contain the corporate name sponsor of the club.


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