Batting Cages

• Fully Adjustable Machine Speeds.
• Regulation Length Fastpitch Lanes
• Full Control Over Number of Pitches
• 14 foot high canopy for Slo-Pitch
• 60′ Pitching Lane
• NEW Super Softball Machine up to 70MPH!

We now have 4 fully renovated practice cages featuring our automated 85 MPH Baseball Machine and our 70 MPH Super Softball Machine!

Our custom designed cages are the perfect solution for coaches interested in working on swing mechanics. Using stationary T’s or short lobs you can work directly beside your player to break down any weeknesses and exploit their natural rythm by building a powerful & smooth swing.

Doing the little things right will make big things happen and we provide all the tools you’ll need whether it’s Fastpich, Baseball or Slo-Pitch!

You have complete control of your session with our machines and our new custom fabricated cages. If you need more space to work on other areas of your game, let us show you how these brilliantly engineered cages can help your team!

The number one year ’round indoor batting cages in Surrey. We now have a total of 4 batting cages for softball & baseball and we can accomodate teams of virtually any ability in our practice space. Sport Starz batting cages offer the perfect environment for any type of batting practice from one on one’s with your favorite coach to spending some quality time with your kids in our family friendly environment.

The Sport Starz batting practice facility currently serves several associations and regular clientele and welcomes any new customers.

We encourage you, your team or association to use Sport Starz batting cages as your regular practice facility. No matter what the season, our weather is always guaranteed clear and dry for your booking and we can even open early, or extend our hours to meet your special requests.

This means that if you need to take a break to help your batter with stance, swing rhythm or to make adjustments to the pitch speed or height, you simply do so.

Facility Prices

Batting Cages

30 minutes cage time $20.00
60 minutes cage time $35.00

Team Rates & Discounts


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