Batting & Cricket Cages

We have a total of 3 batting cages to suit virtually every style of ball and group looking for climate controlled indoor practice space. Sports Starz batting cages offer the perfect environment for any type of batting practice from one on one’s with your favorite coach to spending some quality time with your kids in our family friendly environment.

The Sports Starz batting practice facility currently serves several associations and regular clientele and welcomes any new customers.

We encourage you, your team or association to use Sports Starz batting cages as your regular practice facility. No matter what the season, our weather is always guaranteed clear and dry for your booking and we can even open early, or extend our hours to meet your special requests.

Our Facility and Machines Feature:

• Fully Adjustable Speeds
• Full Control Over Number of Pitches
• Jugs ‘Sting Free’ Machine Balls

You have complete control of your session with our machines.

This means that if you need to take a break to help your batter with stance, swing rhythm or to make adjustments to the pitch speed or height, you simply do so.

Our machines are manufactured by the Jugs Company, which is the leading manufacturer of pitching machines and related sports equipment. Our machines currently require two people to operate as one adult is required to feed our pitching machines for pitches up to 49 mph for softball and fast pitch and 57 mph for baseball.

Cricket Batting Practice

Our baseball cage makes an ideal place to get ready for cricket season! We’re the premiere indoor cricket practice facility in Surrey and our Jugs baseball pitching machine is a great way to get tuned up and ready for this year’s cricket season. Because our floor is rubberized, the ball will have a little extra kick as it heads for your wickets. Why not give us a try and book some time, we’re open all year!


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