History of Baseball

Baseball is a collective sport derived from the same roots as cricket, which is played on a grass and sand field. He plays with bats to hit a ball thrown, and gloves to catch the ball.

The baseball is 7.5 cm long, weighs about 145 grand is made of a cork core covered in wool covered with two cowhide thongs assembled by hand with 108 Stitches precisely. It can cross the 18.44 m of the distance between the pitcher with the mound and the marble at more than 150 km / h. During the course its trajectory can turn, twist, curve, escape, slide or fall at the end of the race abruptly depending on the skill of the pitcher (a pitcher).

The cylindrical bat is about 1m long and not more than 7cm in diameter. The “hitter” has only four-tenths of a second to decide to hit the ball. The baseball glove is a large leather glove used to catch the ball in baseball. Initially, the game was played with bare hands, but between the late 1870s and the early 1890s, the use of a glove was necessary. A right-handed (pitcher) wears the baseball glove on his left hand. And a left-handed one on the right side.

It is not well known since when baseball began to emerge, and there have already been some stories from the 14th century in some documents of games similar to current baseball.

But it was only in 1744 that there was some more particular reference to baseball in the United Kingdom, is that it was an evolution of the rounder game that was already played in that region and that it was finally taken and then popularized by English immigrants in North America.

Baseball by Alexander Cartwright.

Alexander Cartwright was an American engineer who was officially credited with the invention of baseball by a decision of the United States Congress on June 3, 1953. Cartwright was a member of the New York Knickerbockers team that played a game derived from cricket and rounder’s, the town game. In 1845 Cartwright and the Knickerbockers Committee laid down rules that formed the basis for the creation of baseball. The first match played under his new rules was played on 19 June 1846. The inventors of the game, the Knickerbockers lost 23-1 to The New York Nine.

Cartwright left New York as a volunteer firefighter and bank employee to join California in 1849 in the Gold Rush. Working in gold mining in mining towns, he also introduced the baseball game in California. Because of the deplorable sanitary conditions, a cholera epidemic struck California, and Cartwright preferred to move to Hawaii where he became a businessman. He also founded the first baseball club in Hawaii and even a league that served as a model for the major leagues.

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