Our Baseball Specific Training Program

We are proud to coach this baseball specific training program since it was developed by top baseball professionals and has been tried & tested for many years before we adopted it as “Our Program”. We have used the Athletic Pitcher Program for training throwing & pitching developed by Ron Wolforth’s Pitching Central & Texas Baseball Ranch. We have used this program at One Stop Baseball & Sport Starz since 2004 and had nothing but success for the many athletes that have gone through the drills and learned the system. The best thing about it is the baseball specific conditioning will prepare every muscle, tendon & ligament to play the game at the highest level and help to prevent injuries. After an off-season working this program, your body will be ready to compete without the fear of injury.

We don’t hide the fact that our hitting success has been phenomenal with the help of Joe Brockhoff 8 steps to success. We like Joe’s system because it makes it easy to adopt professional habits at a young age. Once these steps are built in, you won’t have to think about it so much. If you do struggle or slump, the steps are always the same and you can get back to the basics real quick and stop the slide. The hitting program includes lots of video analysis to expose the flaws not visible to the naked eye.



Training Schedule

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